The Crocodile Park is one of the tourist spots in Davao City located at Riverfront, Diversion Road Davao. Aside from giving attractions to the people who visit the Crocodile Park, it also serves as an Educational hub in learning the habitat of crocodile and some other animals and birds found in the park.


We bring our daughter to the park so that I can introduce to her the different kinds of animals. We line-up for the tickets with Adult Entrance Fee of P250.00 and for Children starting 2 years old is P150.00


Upon going-in, there’s a basic security check and the guard stamp our arm symbolizes that we are allowed to come-in and if we decided to go outside for a while, we can still come back showing the stamp.


Just nearby the entrance is the sanctuary for Crocodile Giant Pen. At this time, the personnel in-charge is draining the crocodile pond. The crocodile was well-organized according to its sizes.



We saw people amused and would like to pay just to hold this snake and take a souvenir photo. But since we are not comfortable holding snakes, we just took a photo of the snake alone.


You don’t need to worry about getting hungry while strolling around because there are good restaurant and food stallsĀ  that serves decent food in the area. We decided to eat at Riverwalk Grill for a barbecue meal. The restaurant is located just beside the park. While eating one singer serenade us with a nice music. A pleasant food with a pleasant voice. After eating, we decided to come back inside and continue the strolling.


After lunch, we came to visit different kinds of birds species in the area.


We went to the area wherein Tiger is located.


Later on, we decided to buy food for the fish and let my daughter to feed them. She enjoyed it much.

At the side of the Fish Pond Area, a friendly ostrich approach people and keep on opening his mouth as if telling: “Feed Me”. One of the park goer buys an ostrich food and feed the ostrich, which is very delighted to see.




Souvenir Shop is also available if you wanted to bring something at home.


HaveĀ  a look in the video that we capture from Crocodile Park Davao City!!!

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