Almost all of the expectant mothers go through questioning if when the milk would come out from the breast. Is it few days before delivery, during the delivery or few days after the delivery? If so, do milk supply is enough to feed the baby? And I am not exempted to this “common questions”.

I have my normal baby girl delivery at Davao Doctor’s Hospital – Davao City and I am not so lucky enough to have my milk immediately after delivery. Davao Doc is a pro-breastfeeding hospital, so they really want me to let my baby latch so that eventually milk would come out. But I still don’t have milk that time. They ask me to buy breast pump to stimulate the production of milk, but still not lucky enough to have. I almost panic during the time they deliver my baby to my room because I don’t know what to feed her. And I ask some of the residence doctor and nurse if they could recommend any formula milk for my baby. But they only advise me to let my baby suck to my breast because eventually milk would come out, and they are not allowed to recommend any formula milk inside the hospital premises. Fortunately, my sister-in-law who is currently breastfeeding her daughter visited me. So I ask her to feed my baby and ask some milk to be kept inside the freezer. I was temporary relieved because of that, however, my sister-in-law is not always there, so she can only pump limited milk supply.

I cannot just simply buy milk in the grocery because I’ve heard that some milk might cause allergy to the baby, so I keep on waiting for my baby’s pediatrician to visit us. Apparently, my OB-Gyne visited me first so I asked her if she could recommend a good newborn formula milk. During that time, my OB is also nursing a baby and she told me that we have the same situation when the time she delivers her baby. And that she is using Nestle NAN HW One Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Infant Formula. She said that the milk is good for baby who might have allergies to cow’s milk product, especially if you have family history allergies. And for me to easily prepare the milk, she advised me to bought Dr. Edwards Sterilized Drinking water with white cap. So my hubby immediately buy the NAN HW One, Dr. Edwards and a baby bottle. He sterilized first the baby bottle by putting boiled water and leave it for five minutes.


NAN HW One – Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Infant Formula

The concerned nurse saw us feeding my baby in the baby bottle, and she told me that it’s better if we use the syringe in feeding the baby while I’m still waiting for my breast milk to come out because according to her if my baby is used to feeding bottle, then the baby will not latch on my breast and chose to be fed in the feeding bottle.

…But I did not listen.

During the visit of my baby’s pediatrician, I ask him if the formula milk NAN HW is good for my baby and he asked me if I do have any family background of allergies because if I have, then there’s a percentage factor that my baby have it as well. My baby’s pediatrician also recommends NAN HW formula milk, for the milk is suitable for baby that is prone to allergy.

After three days, I’m so happy because my breast milk comes out and it’s leaking. I carry my baby and let her latch on my nipple, but she keeps on crying and crying and don’t want to latch. So, I prepare it in the baby bottle and she immediately latch on it. So right now, what I usually do is to pump my breast milk and put it inside the baby bottle so that she can still drink breast milk. But this routine is so tiring and when I do the breast pump I remember the nurse advice.

So for those mothers to be, careful in letting your baby latch the baby feeding bottle immediately for they will be acquainted to it. In addition, I would recommend that the best milk formula for newborn baby who is prone to allergy is NAN HW One Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Infant Formula because my baby is doing well with that milk. But of course as everybody keeps on saying: I still believed that breast milk is best for babies.

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112 Responses to The best milk formula for newborn baby who is prone to allergy

  1. zenny says:

    Great post… I am also using Nestle NAN HW for my 3 months old baby.

  2. melai says:

    Hi, I am currently in Singapore now… However I’ve been to a lot of grocery store but I haven’t seen any Nestle NAN HW here. Can somebody suggest what milk formula can I use which is also good for baby with allergy to cow’s milk?

    • jasmine says:

      Hi melai, I would suggest Nestle NAN HA 1 Premium Hypoallergenic starter infant formula… This milk is suitable from birth if you are not breastfeeding anymore and your baby is allergic to cow’s milk…

    • chona says:

      ‘.. u may also try S26 HA Gold (partially hydrolyzed whey protein).

  3. shen says:

    hello..may i ask how many scoop of nan hw 1 for a 2 oz. water? naguguluhan kasi ako..tia! 🙂

  4. chona says:

    ‘.. am using NAN HA 1 for my 2 months old baby, it is the same with NAN HW 1?

    • Mommy Zel says:

      Nan HW 1 and Nan HA 1 are both from Nestle and both products are Hydrolyzed and hypoallergenic. Maybe the difference is the country of distribution. Nan HW is widely known and use in the Philippines for babies with allergies to cow’s milk. But I am not sure if Nan HW and Nan HA contents/nutrition are totally the same.

      • chona says:

        ‘.. oh, ok tnx! contemplating to change my baby’s milk from NAN HA 1 to S26 gold HA since its the same… the reason is, my baby is not that chubby.. i want to see her ‘mataba like ibang baby..’ what do u think? any suggestion? In fairness to NAN HA 1 — my baby is ok with her milk, she has regular poop.. and i don’t see any problem… its just that, ‘gusto lang talaga cyang tumaba like other baby….’

        • Mommy Zel says:

          same tayo my baby is not chubby with Nestle NAN… and I am also thinking of changing to other hydrolyzed milk. I notice the baby of my friends are bit chubby using s26. Good thing about NAN is regular ang poop ni baby at hindi man chubby napapansin ko malakas ang bones… but a bit hesitant to change immediately for a reason na baka hindi sya hiyang at biglang mag break-out at magkaproblema sa poop…I think S26 is much sweeter than NAN so biglang shift yun. I was also told to wait at least a year na si baby bago mag try to change. By that time, medyo nakaka build na ng immunity… But I think if you want to consider the risk since hydrolyzed man din ang s26 so probably hindi masyadong mataas ang risk for break-outs – of course hindi lang break-out ang i consider maging ang poop kung hindi ba nahihirapan si baby at minsan pag sanay ang baby na hindi matamis na milk sinusuka nya lang ang iba sa panlasa nya. Try mo muna isa munang can then see if baby is fine. Please update us also…thanks!

          • chona says:

            ‘.. naku, we are almost the same! my baby is ok with NAN HA 1, malakas bones nya pero di cya chubby di tulad ng ibang baby and regular talaga ang poop nya..
            Also contemplating of changing her milk..iniisip ko din baka d nya mahiyangan baka mag tae or what… dko lang alam if merung nka box lang na S26 Gold H.A. kc if merun, i will try… and if ok kay baby, ill update you guys! 🙂

        • Jinky says:

          may HA BA ANG S26? gusto ko din sana mag change nang milk nya kasi sa NAN hindi cya ganun kataba nong nag S26 PALIN LANG CYA..

      • Lotlot says:

        Di hiyang baby ko sa S26 HA Gold.. Will try NAN H.A hope ma hiyang si baby. Hindi mataba baby ko sa S26 HA Gold every sya nag po-poop kaso nga lang watery at saka color dark green.. Kahit HA marami paring syang rashes… Will try Nan Ha.. Hope mahiyang si baby..

    • Violet MArio says:

      yes it is also the same .. nan HA is the previous NAN HW ..

  5. Jhojoanna says:

    Hi mga mommies, mron plang s26 gold na hydrolyzed dn? Atska tama kau dyn baby ko d mtba sa hw milk pro sobrng strong bones nya… Gsto ko dn mgplt ng milk kc gsto ko mtba dn sya lng other babies na nkkta ko…

  6. Jhojoanna says:

    Okie dn ang poop nya regular… My history kc kmi ng asthma… And my skn asthma sya kya un bngy ng pedia nya… Actually many tyms ako ngtry mgplt ng milk kc gsto ko tmba sya pro pgktpos ko mgplt ng milk hw to ordnry milk lmabas ubo nya and 3mnths syng inuubo… Ayun hngng pnatingn ko sya sa especialita sa lungs ayun sbi hika dw…

    • Mommy Zel says:

      Hi jhojoanna, wag muna padalos dalos sa pag change ng milk… According to you nag attempt ka na magtry ng other milk and meron etong reaction sa baby mo. Better talk to your pedia first kung me plan ka mag change… Hopefully mag update si Chona kung ano nangyari pag change nya sa S26 partially hydrolyzed milk…

    • jayne says:

      yung baby ko na hospital 28 days after ko pinanganak, pinag change kami ng pedia from s26 gold to s26Ha. nawala yung rashes niya and mas comfortable siya.

  7. Haley says:

    Hi mommy zel, Great article! Very informative. I have a question that is way off the topic but I would really want to know. How much did you pay overall to Davao Doctors? I’m planning to have my delivery there. My husband kept on asking me how much should we prepare for the delivery and I totally have no idea. Its our first pregnancy kasi and I often forgot to ask my OB (Dr. Tuason) about the expenses. Good thing I bumped in to your article, can everyone share what they know about delivery expenses here in Davao? I would really appreciate it. Godbless everyone! Happy mothers day!

    • Mommy Zel says:

      Hi Haley, I actually separate my Doctor’s PF on my bill. So here’s the breakdown:
      Hospital payment: P19,779.96 – Less Philhealth(including induce medicine)–if no need then this bill will be lessen.. Room (Private Case)
      Doctors Fee: P14,000
      Baby’s Fee: P 3,426.95 – Philhealth not yet deducted (Will be mailed by philhealth, but up to now I haven’t receive any refund yet)
      Total: Php 37,206.91

      Note: If you want to do epidural (painless delivery), cost is 50% according to your OB doctor prof.fee.Ex. O.B.Prof fee is 14k so the doctor who would do the epidural cost 7k.
      This is a normal delivery if caesarian then it would cost more.

      Actually, they have package, yung kasabayan ko manganak naka apply ng package around 20k lang nabayaran nya lahat lahat for normal delivery…

      …If you have further questions, pls. don’t hesitate to ask 🙂

  8. Pamela says:

    My baby is S26HA but unfortunately ubos lahat stocks from all grocery store and pharmacies here in tagb. Our pedia suggested NAN HA or similac total comfort kaso ubos din kaya nag decide kami to buy the similac hw. It’s his 1st day with similac hw hope walang allergy reactions since both sides my history kami with allergies..

  9. mommy dawn says:

    hi mommies! whats the difference ba with milk HA and milk HW (hydrolized)? and which one is best for babies with cow’s milk allergy?

  10. Mommy Cat says:

    Hi Mommies! Hmm. Yung concern ko lang po about my baby is that nag susuka po sya everytime na nagmimix yung formula milk at breastmilk ko sa tummy nya.. I mean, example po, pinainom ko sya ng formula milk, then after formula milk, breastmilk naman.. Ganun po. In-aalternate ko po yung formula sa breastmilk. After nun parang nagiging matamlay na sya and magsusuka na po. I gave her Enfalac Gold nun (as per her Pedia) then we also tried giving her S26 pero same lang ang nangyari, nagsusuka sya. Mali po bang mag breastfeed pag pinapainom na ng formula milk si baby? Hoping sa mga replies nyo.. Thnks po! GB. 🙂

    • Mommy Zel says:

      Hi Mommy Cat, mixing din ang gamit ng friend ko coz she is working. So pag wala xa at di nakapag pump ng breastmilk, formula gamit baby nya then kung nasa bahay na sya, breastmilk ulit… So far wala namang problem sa baby nya… Hindi kaya nasobra lang feeding sa baby mo kaya sya nagsusuka? or much better consult nalang your pedia…

      • Christine says:

        I also do mixed feeding since I’m still in school but apparently, I have the same situation as Mommy Cat. My 4 month old son tends to spit up almost everything after at least 3 hours of drinking his milk so I asked my pedia about it and she said its either 1. I switched to the wrong formula (she recommended me to use NAN H.W One then I switched to Enfalac A+ without her knowing since my baby kept on spitting up and vomiting with NAN) OR 2. Baby wants to breastfeed PURELY. She suggested that I should try giving my son DG-1 infant formula, since its protein source is from a goat’s milk which is said to be good for babies tummies because my pedia assumes that maybe my son has an allergy to cow’s milk . But I think my son just wants to breastfeed exclusively 🙁 As much as I want to, I can’t do it exclusively since I’m in school 3 times a week. 🙁 I suggest you consult your pedia about it or try DG-1 🙂

  11. lelia says:

    I’ve been using NAN HW for my 5 months old, but since then her poop was color green and have a very foul odor, is it normal…

  12. Karla Fyae says:

    hello po. my baby is almost 4 months na,.i am using Nan H.w one but prior to that milk we used bona then change to nan pro then to nan h.w.. sa bona okay namn sya kaso my mom told me to use NAN so we bought NAN pro then when my cousin (who doesnt have any experience in babies) told my mom that she was selling nan my mom bought 10 800g of Nan. Later that we found out its Nan H.W pla.kc daw its hypoallergenic but i do not have any history of allergies naman po. Kaso since we started feeding her with the NAN H.W one her poop changed din.. its darker and color black na. dati sa bona and sa NAN Pro hindi naman ganun. i just wanted to know kung dahil ba un sa milk nya? kasi since nag NAN H.W sya dark/black na ang color ng poop nya and nag sisipon na din sya..

    • Mommy Zel says:

      Hi my baby’s milk is NAN HW talaga… I’ve tried to switch to other milk but ang result nahihirapan xa mag poops… I notice that when I’m changing milk, nag iiba kulay ng poops nya… So with regards to your question, I think factor din ang milk na iniinom nya… But with regards to sipon, baka viral infection lang.. Kasi tulad sa panahon ngayon na mainit tapos bigla nalang umuulan…

  13. Anne says:

    Hi mommies! Im selling NAN HA and HW 800g for only 750. Supermarket price is from 922-950. My husband works in nestle thats why we have stocks. Text me if u are interested at 09173796161.

  14. elaine says:

    hello po.. my baby using nan h.w. dati po bonna kaso my history po kami ng astma kaya suggest ng doc. mag nan h.w. kasi pag nagkakamot si baby sa face pulang pula ang face ny, same din dati sa bonna.. sa gatas parin po kaya un?

  15. elaine says:

    yes po.. nagkakamot p rin pero khit papano my changes n. ndi n sya pulang pula tulad ng dati.

    • Mommy Zel says:

      Hi! Pwede din kasi na reason na baka allergy ang baby mo sa mga topical products na ginagamit mo or yung Mga Nata touch sa skin Nya .. Example powder, lotion and minsan din sa detergent na ginagamit when washing ng Mga gamit Nya: blanket, clothes, pillow etc… You can use mild detergent… In my case before, ang pedia ng baby ko advice me to use Perla in washing my baby’s clothes kasi tested and proven na Hindi harsh sa skin…

  16. rochelle says:

    hi moms out there..ask ko lang if tlgang color green ang pupu ni babay sa nan hw at medyo may amoy xa?

    • Mommy Zel says:

      yes, parang dark green na may amoy…

      • rochelle says:

        ung bby ko almost 5mos na going 6mos sa 23 pero hnd pa xa nadapa..natural lang ba un xe ung kabatch nya na mga bby nadapa na..

        • Joan says:

          Hi usually naman in that month dumadapa ang baby by themselves antayin mo lang… pero kung beyond 6 months na maybe ask your pedia…
          pero iba’t ibang bata bata…ibang progress.
          Yung baby ko 1 year + bago nakalakad, samantalang yung cousin nya, by 9 months nakakalakad na…
          so iba-iba talaga

    • eloisa Cruz says:

      yes, same din yan sa baby -normal lang dw po yan sabi ng pedia ni babay

  17. Arra says:

    Hi mommies! Yesterday, we just switched to Nan HW 1 from Enfalac A+ as per pedia’s advice. Concerned lang ako kasi sa Enfa talaga tumaba c baby. From 2.85kg, 8kg na xa ngaun and to think mag.4mos pa lang xa on the 29th. Ngaun parang d xa malakas dumede. Nagwworry ako baka mamayat c baby bigla. 🙁

    • Mommy Zel says:

      Baka nababaguhan palang si baby mo sa lasa ng NAN HW… Iba kasi lasa ng dalawang milk… Yun sometimes ang problem pag nag change ng milk – mga babies familiar na sa the usual nila na iniinom… pero bigyan mo lang ng time at makakasanayan na rin nya ang new milk… May I know the reason, bakit advised to change xa sa NAN if ok naman xa sa Enfa?

      • Arra says:

        Sobrang sensitive kasi ni baby. Konting labas lang ng bahay, ubo sipon agad. Na.confine xa last month due to pneumonia. 1 week kami sa hosp. Roughly 10 days after kmi mdischarge, balik na naman ubo sipon niya. Kaya ayun pnachange ung milk niya pati pets sa bahay pnapadispose (triggering factor din daw).

        • rose ann says:

          baby ko po 9mos n xa 13. . milk nya Nan HW. .ang pupu nya is black and sobrang eew ng amoy and regular din xa mag pupu. .pinalitan ko ng NAN PRO 2 kz mejo mahal ung HW. . ok din kya ung NAN PRO. . ano po b diffrent ng NAN PRO SA HW???

          • Mommy Zel says:

            Yung Nan HW ay Hydrolyzed protein sya which means nag undergo ng process para ma modify or ma lessen ang size ng protein sa milk so that it would be easy and suitable for baby’s consumption lalo na sa mga bata na sensitive ang tummy at prone to allergies.

  18. ingrid says:

    Hi mommy zel ,, normal lang po ba na mejo mapait ang nan hw ? Iba kasi lasi nya kumpara sa ibang milk … Breastfeed kasi ako pero kanina lang bumili ako ng nan hw try ko kasi mag mix atleast kahit 1-2x a day mag bote si baby ko may history kasi kami sa allergy kaya nan hw ang pinili k n milk kaso nilasan k yong milk mejo mapait pala sya kaya pala yong baby ko mejo ayaw inumin 🙂

  19. ingrid says:

    Anu po ba ang mas ok na gamitin mommy zel nan hw or s26 gold ha ?

    • Mommy Zel says:

      Hi Ingrid, if you try to taste Nan HW w/o water hindi naman xa ganun ka sobrang pait, pero hindi lang talaga matamis ang HW. Whenever, naglalagay ako sa bottle and meron nahuhulog na milk, never ko pa talagang nakikitang may langgam na lumalapit – thus conclude for me na hindi matamis ang milk and hindi din nakakataba ng baby (firm size lang however malakas ang bones ni baby and energetic din).
      With regards to you question between HW of s26.. both milk naman are good. My cousin’s daughter is using the S26 ok naman hiyang naman ang baby nya… Depende lang talaga kung saan hiyang si baby 🙂 pero kung ang baby mo prone to allergies or matigas na popo, maganda you use the HW…

  20. rose ann says:

    baby ko po ayaw nya uminom ng tubig kpg bibibyan ko xa ng water at pag nramdaman nya wla lasa d n nya dedehin. . ok lng po b n d xa mkainom ng water khit ang gatas nya is nan hw??? i dont knw wat to do n kz e tlgang ayaw nya ng water. . pki answer po plzzz thanks!!

    • Mommy Zel says:

      milk is also considered liquid na iniinom ni baby mo so for me as long as may naiinom na liquid no problem. But at 9 months most probably pinapakain mo na ng solid food si baby mo? and after eating solid you’re giving something to drink? By the way, anong klaseng water pinapainom mo? kasi I also experienced na may times namimili ang baby ko ng may lasa na drinks. yung water na nabigay ko is boiled na tap water. e medyo mapakla ang lasa so i bought DISTILLED water sa grocery so far like nya naman ang lasa. So I suggest try mo ibang brand ng distilled water for your baby to drink.
      Then pag may times na may dinaramdam baby ko na me vomiting, mapili yun sa iniinom, ginagawa ko yung boiled water, nilalagyan ko lang ng kunting brown sugar para me lasa ng konti…

  21. rose ann says:

    9 months old n po baby ko

  22. rose ann says:

    wilkins po kse water nya.. since baby p xa ayaw n tlga nya uminom ng water sbi nMan ng iba lagyan ko nga daw ng konti sugar kya lng nttkot nMan ako bka magkadiabetis anak ko. .so sbi nyo nga po nilalagyan nyo din ng konti sugar.ung.water ng baby nyo. . but si try muna na palitan ko ung distiled water nya. . den if ayaw nya prin lagyan ko n brown sugar. . my chance po b magka uti baby ko kse du xa nainom ng water???
    thanks po sa advice. .

    • Mommy Zel says:

      Ok din naman ang wilkins… If maglalagay ka ng sugar very small portion lang (but this is not everyday) as much as possible patience & tiyaga lang talaga na E-practice mo si baby mo to drink plain water, Kahit paunti-unti everyday hanggang makasanayan na niya…

  23. rose ann says:

    actually iniinom lng ng bb ko ung water kpg nilalagyan ko ng glucost R masama po b un.

    • Mommy Zel says:

      Regarding Glucost R – I never used this for my baby, better consult your baby’s pedia with this, mas makakabigay yung doctor ng mabuting advise para dito 🙂

  24. honey says:

    hi po… ask lmg po sana aq.. yung baby q kasi wla pa nmang 1mnth and mai allergy xa sa milk as what his pedia told us. before were using s26 gold and now she advised me na mag HA dw aq na gatas.. which is available sa NAN at S26. I bought s26HA gold since ung baby q s26 GOLD tlaga.but sa mga nababasa q.. mas better dw ung nan kesa sa s26. sa inyu po.. which works better sa allergic na baby???NAN HA o S26GOLD HA??thanks po…

    • Mommy Zel says:

      Hi Honey, thanks for dropping by on this blog.. If na try mo na ang S26 na hypo allergenic milk for your baby and you’ve seen naman na hiyang si baby, then no need na to shift. However if you’ve seen na di xa hiyang then you might consider changing to NAN…

  25. elaine says:

    mommy zel, hi po.. dati n po ako nagmessage dito.. tanong ko lng po dati n kc hw c baby kso nung nakaraan po nagtae sya binigyan ko po ng AL110 + hydrolite para d m-dehydrate. after 1week nging ok sya d n po nagtatae kso un pupu ny po nging medyo liquid.. pwede po b ibalik ko s bonna? nung 1month kc sya bonna po ang pinaiinom ko.. mag 6 months npo sya bka ayaw ny n po ng hw..? i think my allergy lng talaga po c baby kc hiyang nman po sya dati s bonna.

    • Mommy Zel says:

      Hello elaine… I suggest you buy kahit one can / small box muna ng bonna if you wanna change milk then observe mo if hiyang si baby mo… para atleast hindi sayang milk just incase…

  26. Mommy Zel says:

    I just wanna share this, sa NAN HW milk talaga naging hiyang baby ko. Pero as time goes by, I tried to give my baby other brand of milk. By doing this, I’ve noticed na constipated xa. So balik na naman ako to plain NAN HW at magiging ok na naman… sa pag change2x ko naging watery ang stool ni baby. So what I did is to combine two different brands of Milk Formula in a day… I used NAN HW in morning and I give Nestogen at night. (Same mother brand parin which is Nestle) So far, hiyang xa.. Hindi masyadong matigas ang popo at hindi naman masyadong watery… Nakakatipid din ng konti sa budget dahil medyo pricey din kung pure Nan HW milk. I started doing this milk combination ng baby ko nung sya ay 1 year and 6 months na up to now na 2years old na sya.

  27. anne says:

    Heheheh That was Happened to me i gave birth 2 months ago here in Australia and my Baby was crying alot bcz of starving cz i dont have milk it only comes after 5 days so b4 that my Husband and I decided to give Baby a formula milk bcz we pity of Our Baby starving for 3 days so even the doctors and midwives doesnt like me to bottle feed my Baby bcz Baby will get use to it than my breast,but what should i do let my Baby Starving and he even lose 10 percent of his birth weight so i gave him Nan H.A gold not the H.W cz its the first thing i saw in the Pharmacy but maybe i will try H.W when i go to philippines sinced theres no H.A Gold in Philippines

  28. Loren says:

    Hi to all momies.ask lang po.ok lang po ba na magpalit ng milk na hndi pa xa 6mos old?kc bb boy ko 4mos plang xa taz nan pro milk nya since pinangank xa.kaso nagka rashes xa,at hndi mataba.kya gus2 ko palitan ng ibang milk at nestogen ang napili ko.ok lang po ba un?ala ba prob?

    • Mommy Zel says:

      Hi Loren, maraming reason why nag ka ka rashes ang mga babies and isa na nga ang milk… you said you wanted to change to nestogen, pero hindi kasi hypo allergenic ang nestogen baka lumala lang… kung naka Nan Pro ka maybe try hydrolyzed…

  29. jing says:

    My sis delivered her baby thru C-section that’s why she has to take her antibiotic. The problem is everytime she breastfeeds her baby, the baby will poop. So my sis decided to stop breastfeeding the baby and give him formula milk instead.. anyone here who has the same experience with my sister? Is it because of the antibiotic she’s taking why the baby poops when being fed?


  31. Jennaline says:

    Hi, mga mommies baby ko 1 month old n xa & 1 month n din nia gamit ang S26 plain pero kada milk nia e lagi nagsusuka and nagkaroon din xa ng rashes sa face nia yung stool nia e medyo watery. Sabi ng pedia nia palitan namin ng NAN HA. Kaya ngayong araw bumili ako ng NAN ang new name n pla ngayon e NAN NW na daw wala n daw pla ang NAN HA . hehe. Sana maging ok na baby ko ngayong gagamitan ko n ang NAN. Sino n po naka ranas sa mga baby nio n katulad ng nangyayari sa baby ko ngayon.?

    • Joan says:

      Mommy Jen, common case yan sa baby Ang rashes and pagsusuka especially pag Hindi hi yang sa formula… Better follow your pedia’s recommendation. Hope mahiyang si baby mo sa NAN HW. By the way, Hindi ka na ba nagpapa breastfeed sa baby mo?

  32. maricar says:

    Mommy zel bka po matutulungan nyo ko, 2 mos n po baby ko at nan hw 1 gatas nya pero nhirapan sya magpoop at mnsan 2 days sya hndi napoop.constipated po.tnry k sya bgyan s26 pero ayw nya lasa kya balik nan po ako.normal po ba un? Salamat po.

    • Mommy Zel says:

      Hi maricar, good day! nung nag simula ako gumamit ng NAN HW (sometimes called NAN HA in other countries), never ko nakita ang baby ko na nahihirapan talaga mag popo… Pero minsan may araw na hindi sya mag popo, but pinakamatagal na ang 2days. Kaya rin hindi nagustuhan ng baby mo ang S26 kasi nasanay sya sa lasa ng NAN (hindi masyadong matamis) ang S26 may tamis (-babies are very sensitive in taste sa nakasanayan na nila).
      If you see na talagang nahihirapan na si baby mo, better switch to other hydrolyzed (hypo -allergenic) milk. You can talk to your pedia to recommend a brand na hindi masyadong malayo ang lasa sa Nestle formulation.

  33. abby says:

    Himommies..anybody here po selling NAN H.W 2at a cheaper price?please let me know. thank you 🙂

  34. Sarahbalondo says:

    Hi po ask ko lang di kasi maka poop ng normal ang baby ko sa emfalac want ko po sana itry ung NAN HW ONE ok lang ba yun!? Mejo naguluhan kasi ako sa NAN HW AT NAN HA anu ba dapat ang bibilihin ko ok lang ba ung NAN HW !? Para sa baby ko 2weeks palang sya di nya din hiyang ung emfalac.. Thank u

  35. sarah says:

    6 weeks old na baby ko and been on enfalac a+ since birth. Di lang rashes ang sign ng formula milk allergy, sa baby ko: arches her back and cries while dumedede, i figured sumasakit tiyan niya and nagfafart while umiiyak, she spits out some milk while nagssuck, and i had to keep her in an upright position for at least 30mins after dumede or else isusuka niya yung milk. So after some researching i decided to give her Nan HW last week, kumalma na si baby pag dumedede, no more crying at nawala na din rashes nya sa face. Naminimize na rin reflux niya. A week later i tried to give her the remaining enfalac kasi sayang and balik sa iyak at halos ayaw dumede, masakit cguro talaga tummy nya sa enfalac. Will stick to Nan hw, ang issue ko lng talaga with it is d black greenish and smelly poop, kahit fart smelly talaga, buti once a day lang nagppoop si baby. This is mahaba na but just wanted to share. 🙂

    • Gee says:

      yan din yung sa baby ko.. mabahu yung poop sa nan hw 1.. enfalac a+ kami nun, pero nag poop sya ng may blood tapos nag rashes yung face, panay suka dn.. nung nag NAN HW 1 kami, ok naman sya, once a day sya nag poop, minsan inaabot ng two days… ang bahu.. kaya nag switch kami ng formula,, maganda effect ng enfalac gentlease .. hindi na mabahu poop nya.. ok na rin kc nkakapoopoo sya twice a day,

  36. Mahalia Kaii says:

    Hi mga mommy asked ko lng po my bby is one month old nung ipanganak k cy ngkarun po cy ng blood infection pero now ok nmn cy ang concern k lng po kc nung una enfalac a+ yung milk ny dn after two weeks pinalitan k po ng s26HA kc po ngkaallergy c bby ok nmn sna kso ngcostipate po cy onea a day lng cy ng poop at tlg nhihirapan c bby…ng asked ako s pedia ngadvise cy n i nan hw po ito ang milk ny kso po hirap din po mgpoop ones a day lng din po sobrang sticky ng poop ni bby sb ni bawasan k dw ng milk bale mgdilute dw me nung gawin k po yun pansin ko n c bby every hour gutom at d p din po cy ng poop for one day.ano po b dpt k gawin?

  37. Geda says:

    I want to ask how much is the price of NAN HW1?

  38. ria sanchez says:

    Aak ko lang po mga mommies ano ba tawag sa similac na may h.w? Balak ko kase ipalit sya to nan h.w to similac

  39. Gee says:

    I have tried NAN HW 1 for my son.. my son has cow’s milk allergy.. but we had to switched formulas because NAN HW 1 made my son’s “poo-poo” terribly smelly ..dark green dn ang color ng poo poo nya.. minsan lang sya nag poopoopoopoo.. unlike out new formula na twice a day sya.. at hindi na rin mabahu poopoo nya ng nag switch kami sa ENFALAC GENTLEASE.. maganda sana yung NAN HW 1 kasi my BIFIDUS sya, kaso lang.. mabahu yung poopoo at minsan lng nag excrete ng waste,,

  40. Lele says:

    Hi, ask ko lang nag switch kasi ako sa nan hw two pero ang liit ng scooper nya unlike sa dati ko gamit 2scoop 120ml ang water . Nagugulohan ako sa nan pano kaya kung 120ml ang water ilang scoop sya? Btw my baby is 8months old. Thanks 💋

  41. nely yuga says:

    hello po mga mommies! as ko lng po kung hypoallergenic po ang nestogen one? ornestogen gentle plus? un baby ko po xe may allergy.. recommwnd po ng pedia ay nan hw one.. kso po hndi po regular poops nya.. every 2 or 3 days.. tpos konti lng, black color dhil aftr 2 days po ngpopoop at sobrang baho.. gusto q po sna iswitch ng milk.. 3 mos plng po baby ko.. pls help po.. thank you

  42. rose says:

    Hello mga mommies…ask ko lng if tlaga bang mapait ang lasa ng nan h.w kc tinikman ko ayaw kc dedehin ng baby ko.thnks hoping for ur replies

  43. sam says:

    ayaw ddhn ni baby ung nan hw.. nasasayang lng. pag tnry q pdede parang nasusuka sya na ewan.

  44. lhen says:

    Mga mommy may nasa box ba na nan h.w ?
    Wala kase kong makitang naka box na Nan sa mercury dito samen , ee mas makakatipid kase kung nsa box dba 🙂 at magkano tnx po 🙂
    Since ung baby ko may allergy pina check up ko sya , pina change ung milk to Nan h.w at naging okey naman ang result nawala totally ung allergy nya sa mukha pa naman at sa gilid ng tenga 🙁 🙂

  45. BabyBree says:

    Hi mammas, ask ko lng if nan pro 1 po ay good for babies.. Kasi po s26 si baby ko 3months na po sya medjo pricey po kase want ko po sna sya i switch sa nan pro. Bitter po ba lasa ng nan pro? Thnks po!

  46. hazel rayco says:

    hello ask ko lng po kung same lang ang Nan H.W one sa Nan Optipro H.W One?tnx

  47. Dionie Vidal says:

    hi po s26hagold po ang milk ng baby ko ng 6mnhts sya pnalitan ko ng promil gold ng rarashes ang pwet nya tpos ng ngaun po mg 1year n sya try ko un bonakid gnun n uli ng rashes ulit un pwet ny at 3 times sya n popo pde ko po kya palitan ng nan h.a

  48. Tin says:

    Hi po ask lng po ako normal lang po ba hyung mypagka bitter ang nan optipro hw?

  49. Shaira says:

    Tumataba po ba si baby kahit nan hw ang milk nya? Parang ayaw po kasi tumaba ang sakin

  50. Shang says:

    Hi po. Ask po ako kung normal ba yung dark green na poops ng baby ko.Super dark green na basa. NAN hw na gamit nya ngayong 6 months na xa. from S-26 nung mga before 6 months. sabi ng pedia kasi, yung NAN HW daw ang good for G6PD babies. Kaso ang baho ng poops nya. unlike dun sa S-26.

  51. marjury says:

    hi ask ku lng po if ung nan hw one ay pwd din sa baby na my skin allergy?thanks po

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