Parents, when our baby reached another milestone and started to roll over and move, we tend to be challenged on their safeness. A stage where we exert more alertness as our baby’s curiousness starting to develop and explore things by crawling, rolling over, standing up when they able to grip things that could lift their body.

When we are in childcare, we do our usual things if our baby is sleeping. As we thought they are, but sometimes baby’s just woke up and roll over that might lead to an accident.

It was an awful day, when I saw my baby fall from the bed. In a split of a second, she accidentally fall. She cried aloud for a few minutes. We saw a red mark on the side of her head that looks like “bukol or bulge”. She looks hurt. My husband and I, are worried so we immediately run her to the Davao Doctor’s Hospital for an outpatient check-up. The doctor checks my baby and we were asked few things.Β  We learn that if the baby fall, the following conditions must be taken note:

1.) Did the baby vomit after falling?

2.) Did the baby collapse after falling?

3.) From the time the baby fall, is there’s any changes in behavior and sleeping routine?

We get the x-ray result, everything is normal.

My baby was check for a few hours and she’s just acting the same way.

So the doctor discharges us and given us Paracetamol for the pain and cold compress for the bukol.Β  (I just use a towel and put a little ice for this. The ice must not directly touch the baby’s skin due to sensitivity – it hurts).

We are advised to come back in case we see any change of behavior or routine within 24-48 hours.

Thank God that nothing too serious happens to my baby.

So, I would like also to share some safety precautions that we can do in our home for our baby.

If it’s possible not to use bed – only foam then better, but if it’s not:

  • Choose a bed with shorten legs. Or if you have longer legs bed,Β  shorten it.
  • Place a puzzle map all over the side of the bed:


You can also put a puzzle mat in your living area or a carpet. I place number design mat for educational purposes later on… Easy to teach numbers while playing.



So, if your baby fall from the bed, observe your baby and mind the 3 notes written above.

Seek professional advice.

Parents, our priority is the safeness of our baby.

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One Response to What to do when your baby fall from the bed

  1. joan says:

    My daughter fall from the bed as well… I thank God also that nothing serious happen…